Pet dental Care

If your pet is showing signs of oral issues, get in touch with the experienced veterinarians at Foyleview Veterinary Clinic for a professional check-up.

Your first choice for pet dentistry

Dental health is equally important for animals as it is for humans. The accumulation of food debris and bacteria in the absence of oral hygiene practices can lead to oral disease, abscesses, tooth loss and more. At Foyleview Veterinary Clinic, our qualified dental veterinarians provide advice, preventative care and treatments to maintain excellent dental health in small animals. We also carry out dental procedures that include extraction, plaque removal and more.

Benefits of pet dental care:

  • Reduces bad breath
  • Healthy gums and teeth
  • Overall health benefits
  • Helps prevent oral diseases
  • Moreover, you can rely on us for pet medical services such as vaccinations, neutering and more.
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