Pet weight management for small animals

When it comes to pet weight management, our quality of service is second to none. At Foyleview Veterinary Clinic, we work hard to ensure your pets lead a long healthy life with our professional assistance.

Professional weight watcher

Many pets in the UK are overweight, and their owners often don’t realise the serious health implications involved. In short, obese pets have their life expectancy lowered due to an inactive lifestyle. Here at Foyleview Veterinary Clinic, our qualified vets carry out personalised care and provide advice to keep your pet’s weight under check. We can also advise you on exercise and low-calorie pet food to get your pet back to a healthy shape.

Dangers of an overweight pet:

  • Increases the chance of developing arthritis and heart disease
  • Reduces their life expectancy
  • Members of the British Veterinary Association
  • Decrease in activity, leading to other issues

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